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MLB Daily Snake Draft Rankings

Below are the Spike Week Top 40 rankings for MLB Daily Snake Draft contests. The rankings use RotoGrinders daily fantasy MLB projections to create a combination of ceiling, median projection and optimal roster construction in order to give you the greatest edge in your drafts each day.

The rankings can be used for Underdog Fantasy, Drafters Fantasy, DraftKings or any other platform offering Snake Draft contests. These contests are referred to as “Battle Royale” contests on Underdog.

If you are new to the daily draft contests for MLB, take a look at this overview on General Strategy for these contests.

Note: the rankings attempt to incorporate roster construction and correlation as best as possible, but the drafter may not be able to draft straight off the list if they hope to draft teams with multiple hitters from the same team or pair their pitcher with hitters from his team.

Note: the rankings are set up for the MAIN SLATE for each day, based off the tournaments on Underdog Fantasy. This is typically the slate beginning around 7 PM ET on Weekdays and Saturdays. On Sundays, the slate will typically start in the afternoon – around 4 PM ET and include the late afternoon games and Sunday Night Baseball. This is subject to change based on scheduling and contests offered for each individual day.

These rankings will be posted by approximately 9 AM Eastern every morning, and will be updated again with any changes when starting lineups are released for that day.

*Last updated Tuesday, July 5th, 9:06 AM ET*

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