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DraftKings Best Ball Review

Most know DraftKings as a leader in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) space, and more recently in the US Sports Betting landscape. But they are also one of the largest Best Ball platforms around. In 2021, they offered a variety of contests, including a $3.5 Million Dollar contest that offered a $1 Million Top Prize.

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Playing Best Ball on DraftKings

Sit & Go’s

DraftKings offers two formats of Best Ball Contests with Sit & Go’s being an option most similar to your traditional fantasy football league with your friends and family. You can head to the DraftKings Lobby and enter contests that range in size from 3 to 12 teams. You will draft your team via a traditional snake draft, and that team will remain your team for the entire season competing with the other teams in that particular draft. Payouts are tiers based on the size of our Sit & Go contest.


DraftKings also offers tournaments with large prize pools for Best Ball players. Similar to Sit & Go’s, you’ll draft your team in a traditional snake draft in a 12 person draft. That team will remain your team for the entire season, however, over the course of the season you will compete against more than just your 11 league mates.

Tournament Round Structure

As stated above, DraftKings tournaments have a 4 round structure. Below are the Contest Sizes for each round, as well as the number of advancing teams from each round, and the schedule for each round as it relates to the NFL schedule.

Contest Sizes

Round 1 – Top 2 Advance – 12 Team Groups
Round 2 – Top 1 Advance – 12 Team Groups
Round 3 – Top 1 Advance – 12 Team Groups
Round 4 – Final Round – 82 Team Group

Tournament Schedule

Round 1 – Weeks 1-14
Round 2 – Week 15
Round 3 – Week 16
Round 4 – Week 17


DraftKings NFL Best Ball uses their standard Daily Fantasy scoring. That scoring is slightly different from traditional fantasy football scoring, as it is full point per reception (PPR) with 3 point bonuses for 300 yards passing, 100 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving.

Banking Methods

DraftKings makes it incredibly easy to complete both deposits and withdrawals. They allow you to use either a Credit or Debit Card by simply entering your card details. You may also link directly to an online banking account via their online banking service. PayPal users can deposit via their PayPal account. And lastly, DraftKings does offer Gift Cards, so you can forego a Christmas List this year and fund your account with Gift Cards instead.

All of these options are free.

For withdrawals, you have 3 options. Withdrawals will default to your original source of deposit, but you may also elect to withdraw your funds via PayPal, Online Banking or Physical Check.


How do I access DraftKings Best Ball contests?

  • DraftKings Best Ball contests are accessible directly through their Daily Fantasy Sports Platform both on Desktop (at and the DraftKings mobile app. Head to their Daily Fantasy Lobby, click NFL, and then select “Best Ball” as the Game Style.

Are my Best Ball funds handled separately than the funds in my Daily Fantasy account?

  • No, your account balance is combined into one between Best Ball contests and Daily Fantasy contests.

When do I receive my winnings from DraftKings Best Ball contests?

  • Winning will be paid out at each interval of the Best Ball contest. If you advance in a DraftKings Best Ball Tournament, you will be paid the minimum payout for that specific advancement at that time. Final payouts for the tournament will be paid out at the end of the contest after Week 17.
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