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2022 Fantasy Football Bye Week Cheat Sheet

Below is a cheat sheet with the bye weeks for each NFL team for the 2022 season.

It is important to keep in mind of Bye Weeks while we draft, but it is ultimately up to each person in regards to how they handle them on each individual fantasy football or best ball team. In Best Ball specifically, there is merit to all kinds of approaches to bye weeks.

One strategy may be to focus heavily on reducing the number of overlap you have in any individual bye week. That can allow you to have as many potential players available every week of the regular season in order to maximize your potential points scoring during those regular season weeks. This could potentially help you advance more teams to the playoffs. This might be most important in a cumulative format like Drafters.

Another strategy could be to be less careful with how many players you have on byes in the same week, but simply make sure you don’t overlap at QB or TE where you draft a lower quantity of players. You also would likely just want to make sure that you at least have the minimum amount of players available to field a starting lineup in every week.

The final strategy would be to essentially ignore bye weeks altogether. The idea behind this is that if your team is strong, you are rather unlikely to lose out on the playoffs simply because you sacrificed a relatively small number of points in one week of a 14 week regular season. You also could potentially argue that having a large amount of players in one week on bye would mean that you are going to be giving up points that one week, but you’re going to have an advantage in every week that can make up for it. Finally, by limiting your combinations of players to those on different bye weeks, you will naturally ignore certain combinations of players that you may need or want in those most important playoff weeks in playoff formats, like Underdog and DraftKings.

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