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Spikeweek utilizes a browser extension to automate the process of tracking all of the teams a user has drafted for best ball tournaments on Underdog, Drafters and Draftkings.  The browser extension automates the process of clicking through each of a user’s draft boards and storing the player drafted at each draft slot and the user name of the team that drafted them.

The following information is sent to Spikeweek:

  • Username: This is used to distinguish the draft picks made by the user and the picks made their opponents.
  • Information for each contest drafted:
    • The unique identifier of the contest.
    • The tournament the contest was drafted for.
    • The date the contest was drafted.
    • Whether it was a fast or slow draft (if available).
    • The usernames of the participants in the draft.
    • The player and pick number of each pick in the draft.

The information for each draft is only available to users who were in the draft room.  The information will be used by Spikeweek to provide subscribers with an easy way to visualize their portfolios and to be used in any tools that Spikeweek develops for consumption on the

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