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DraftKings Top 250 Overall NFL Best Ball Rankings – 2022 Fantasy Football

Below are our Top 250 Overall Rankings for DraftKings and all Full Point Per Reception (PPR) Best Ball drafts and tournaments that have a Playoff Format. If you are looking for Full PPR rankings for Drafters cumulative scoring format, go here.

For general overall strategy that you can use on DraftKings and other Full PPR sites, we recommend checking out our DraftKings Strategy intro. It’s important to remember that these rankings are specifically suited for Best Ball tournaments. On DraftKings, tournaments are structured in a Playoff Format. Because of this playoff format, certain types of players will be ranked higher or lower in order to maximize upside for those playoff weeks. You can find more information on maximizing playoff week upside, read this.

We also recommend not using the rankings as gospel. In large field tournaments on DraftKings, thing such as stacking are very important. There may be situations where it is wise to select a player ranked just slightly lower here over a more highly ranked player in order to create an offensive stack on your team. We’ve outlined our Top Stacks for Best Ball Tournaments here.

Rankings will be updated on a Weekly Basis on Monday mornings beginning June 1st. If trades, injuries, suspensions or other major events take place, rankings will be updated on an ad hoc basis to account for those shifts.

We have also put together tiered positional rankings for DraftKings if you prefer to see rankings from a positional perspective with the additional context of tiers.

If you’re looking some some specific under the radar players, you can check out our 2022 Fantasy Football Sleepers or Deep Rookie Sleepers.

*Updated Monday September 5th, 2022 10:34 AM ET*

RankPlayerTeamPosition (RK)
1Christian McCaffreyCARRB
2Jonathan TaylorINDRB
3Cooper KuppLARWR
4Justin JeffersonMINWR
5Ja'Marr ChaseCINWR
6Travis KelceKCTE
7Stefon DiggsBUFWR
8Davante AdamsLVWR
9Austin EkelerLACRB
10Saquon BarkleyNYGRB
11CeeDee LambDALWR
12Javonte WilliamsDENRB
13Najee HarrisPITRB
14Deebo SamuelSFWR
15Derrick HenryTENRB
16Joe MixonCINRB
17Dalvin CookMINRB
18Tyreek HillMIAWR
19A.J. BrownPHIWR
20Tee HigginsCINWR
21Mark AndrewsBALTE
22Kyle PittsATLTE
23Alvin KamaraNORB
24Aaron JonesGBRB
25D'Andre SwiftDETRB
26James ConnerARIRB
27Leonard FournetteTBRB
28Mike WilliamsLACWR
29Marquise BrownARIWR
30Gabriel DavisBUFWR
31Jerry JeudyDENWR
32Courtland SuttonDENWR
33Josh AllenBUFQB
34Mike EvansTBWR
35Michael PittmanINDWR
36Jaylen WaddleMIAWR
38Darren WallerLVTE
39George KittleSFTE
40Kyler MurrayARIQB
41Nick ChubbCLERB
42Diontae JohnsonPITWR
43Keenan AllenLACWR
44Allen RobinsonLARWR
45J.K. DobbinsBALRB
46Breece HallNYJRB
47Travis EtienneJAXRB
48Lamar JacksonBALQB
49Patrick MahomesKCQB
50JuJu Smith-SchusterKCWR
51Terry McLaurinWASWR
52Jalen HurtsPHIQB
53Justin HerbertLACQB
54Darnell MooneyCHIWR
55DK MetcalfSEAWR
56Amon-Ra St. BrownDETWR
57Elijah MooreNYJWR
58DeVonta SmithPHIWR
59Ezekiel ElliottDALRB
60Cam AkersLARRB
61Rashod BatemanBALWR
62Chris GodwinTBWR
63Brandin CooksHOUWR
64Miles SandersPHIRB
65David MontgomeryCHIRB
66Tony PollardDALRB
67AJ DillonGBRB
68Russell WilsonDENQB
69Joe BurrowCINQB
70Dalton SchultzDALTE
71Drake LondonATLWR
72Brandon AiyukSFWR
73Trey LanceSFQB
74Dallas GoedertPHITE
75Hunter RenfrowLVWR
76Adam ThielenMINWR
77Treylon BurksTENWR
78Tom BradyTBQB
79Rhamondre StevensonNEPRB
80Elijah MitchellSFRB
81Devin SingletaryBUFRB
82T.J. HockensonDETTE
83Dak PrescottDALQB
84Melvin GordonDENRB
85Damien HarrisNERB
86Dawson KnoxBUFTE
87Matthew StaffordLARQB
88DeAndre HopkinsARIWR
89Chase ClaypoolPITWR
90Russell GageTBWR
91Marquez Valdes-ScantlingKCWR
92Tyler BoydCINWR
93Amari CooperCLEWR
94Michael ThomasNOWR
95Kadarius ToneyNYGWR
96Skyy MooreKCWR
97Allen LazardGBWR
98Garrett WilsonNYJWR
99Christian KirkJAXWR
100Chris OlaveNOWR
101Albert OkwuegbunamDENTE
102Clyde Edwards-HelaireKCRB
103Josh JacobsLVRB
104Kareem HuntCLERB
105James CookBUFRB
106Darrell HendersonLARRB
107Rachaad WhiteTBRB
108Tyler LockettSEAWR
109Jakobi MeyersNEWR
110Rashaad PennySEARB
111Antonio GibsonWASRB
112Kenneth WalkerSEARB
113Cole KmetCHITE
114Pat FreiermuthPITTE
115Kenneth GainwellPHIRB
116Cordarrelle PattersonATLRB
117Alexander MattisonMINRB
118Dameon PierceHOURB
119Aaron RodgersGBQB
120Isaiah SpillerLACRB
121Joshua PalmerLACWR
122Isaiah McKenzieBUFWR
123Justin FieldsCHIQB
124Derek CarrLVQB
125Tua TagovailoaMIAQB
126Kirk CousinsMINQB
127Trevor LawrenceJAXQB
128Rondale MooreARIWR
129George PickensPITWR
130Jahan DotsonWASWR
131Jalen TolbertDALWR
132Julio JonesTBWR
133Chase EdmondsMIARB
134Nyheim HinesINDRB
135Michael CarterNYJRB
136Isiah PachecoKCRB
137Jerick McKinnonKCRB
138Zamir WhiteLVRB
139Sony MichelLACRB
140Raheem MostertMIARB
141Daniel JonesNYGQB
142Hunter HenryNETE
143Alec PierceINDWR
144Mecole HardmanKCWR
145Robert WoodsTENWR
146KJ HamlerDENWR
147Mac JonesNEQB
148Zach WilsonNYJQB
149Irv SmithMINTE
150Gerald EverettLACTE
151Romeo DoubsGBWR
152Jarvis LandryNOWR
153Robby AndersonCARWR
154Noah FantSEATE
155David NjokuCLETE
156Robert TonyanGBTE
157Hayden HurstCINTE
158Marcus MariotaATLQB
159Michael GallupDALWR
160Jameson WilliamsDETWR
161Wan'Dale RobinsonNYGWR
162D.J. CharkDETWR
163Khalil HerbertCHIRB
164Jamaal WilliamsDETRB
165James RobinsonJAXRB
166Christian WatsonGBWR
167Mike GesickiMIATE
168Matt RyanINDQB
169Carson WentzWASQB
170Nico CollinsHOUWR
171Jameis WinstonNOQB
172Tyler HigbeeLARTE
173Zach ErtzARITE
174Evan EngramJAXTE
175Trey McBrideARITE
176Kendrick BourneNEWR
177DeVante ParkerNEWR
178Corey DavisNYJWR
179K.J. OsbornMINWR
180Jamison CrowderBUFWR
181Parris CampbellINDWR
182Brevin JordanHOUTE
183Isaiah LikelyBALTE
184Jonnu SmithNETE
185Austin HooperTENTE
186Sammy WatkinsGBWR
187Marvin JonesJAXWR
188Jared GoffDETQB
189Davis MillsHOUQB
190D'Onta ForemanCARRB
191D'Ernest JohnsonCLERB
192Chris EvansCINRB
193Samaje PerineCINRB
194Tyrion Davis-PriceSFRB
195Tyler AllgeierATLRB
196Kenny PickettPITQB
197Baker MayfieldCLEQB
198Ryan TannehillTENQB
199Zay JonesJAXWR
200Curtis SamuelWASWR
201David BellCLEWR
202Kenny GolladayNYGWR
203James ProcheBALWR
204Velus JonesCHIWR
205Van JeffersonLARWR
206Tyquan ThorntonNEWR
207Odell BeckhamFAWR
208Bryan EdwardsATLWR
209Danny GraySFWR
210William FullerFAWR
211Donovan Peoples-JonesCLEWR
212Logan ThomasWASTE
213Eno BenjaminARIRB
214Darrel WilliamsARIRB
215Gus EdwardsBALRB
216Ronald JonesKCRB
217Brian RobinsonWASRB
218Zack MossBUFRB
219Hassan HaskinsTENRB
220J.D. McKissicWASRB
221Boston ScottPHIRB
222Damien WilliamsATLRB
223Jaylen WarrenPITRB
224Dontrell HilliardTENRB
225Matt BreidaNYGRB
226Trey SermonSFRB
227Rex BurkheadHOURB
228Cedrick Wilson Jr.MIAWR
229Devin DuvernayBALWR
230Sterling ShepardNYGWR
231Noah BrownDALWR
232Khalil ShakirBUFWR
233Jauan JenningsSFWR
234Byron PringleCHIWR
235Greg DulcichDENTE
236Kylen GransonINDTE
237Mo Alie-CoxINDTE
238Daniel BellingerNYGTE
239Jeff WilsonSFRB
240Justin JacksonFARB
241Tyler BadieBALRB
242Kyren WilliamsLARRB
243Ameer AbdullahLVRB
244Harrison BryantCLETE
245Taysom HillNOTE
246Deshaun WatsonCLEQB
247Desmond RidderATLQB
248Geno SmithSEAQB
249Mitchell TrubiskyPITQB
250Malik WillisTENQB

Below are our Top 250 Overall Rankings for DraftKings and all Full Point Per Reception (PPR) Best Ball drafts and tournaments that have a Playoff Format. If you are looking for Full PPR rankings for Drafters cumulative scoring format, go here. For general overall strategy that you can use on DraftKings and other Full PPR […]

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